• Book Recommendations from the BEB Staff

    This week we were talking about books that we recommend at Beth El Bible Church. In this list, we have different books recommended by Pastor Eric, Robbyn, and Edward that we believe are great resources to disciple the church. 

  • "Who do you say I am" by Ed Ovalle   June 25, 2019

    Google has become such a staple in our lives and it is amazing how we can get results about anything we ask the search engine. Do we treat our faith in the same way? Jesus challenges us to know Him deeper than just a search result or the opinions of others.

  • 2019 is halfway done and summer vacation (for most) is already in full swing. Many are making plans with friends, prepared a list of tv shows to binge watch, getting jobs, and looking forward to long drives and flights to out of town destinations. But in the middle of planning, what about God?