Emerge Youth Ministry

EMERGE is for all middle school and high school students (grades 6-12). The word "Emerge" means to "come forward" or "become visible." Our vision is to help students "Emerge" as passionate followers of Jesus. Our ministry helps students take "next steps" towards God, one another, and the world.

Wednesday Night Live (WNL) is our weekly meeting for youth from 6:30-8:15p in Cafe Ten on the Beth El campus. Emerge also engages students in a variety of other opportunities throughout the year to grow and serve in our community and beyond.

Different Series: Personal Study Guides

During our time apart we want to encourage you to take this opportunity to spend some time with God. DIFFERENT Series by Jonathan Evans: 

Today’s world tells teens to walk around life with a mirror in front of their face. They question their looks, persona, and acceptance nonstop, thinking that one more post on social media might gain people’s attention. Money and possessions become badges of wealth and worth that teenagers fight to wear. This obsession with self can even take a dark turn, spiraling into depression or suicide. Living with eyes glued on yourself will only lead to one thing: death.

God offers an alternative to the mirror. When God rules over our lives, he flips everything upside down. His kingdom looks nothing like the ways of the world—everything orients around loving him and serving others. Storing up possessions becomes obsolete and money has different value in God’s economy. Recognizing God as king changes the entirety of our lives.

In this series, Jonathan Evans will walk students through the parables in Luke to teach what it looks like for God to rule our lives. Though a life sold out for Christ might look backwards to everyone else, it actually points us back to how God intended our lives to be when he first created us. When God is king, he reverses the curse and flips everything we know on its head. We simply have to choose to follow his lead.


click the student session guides below to download the personal study guide for each session.

Dream Big Sessions: Girl Small Group

In this 4-part series, author, Bible teacher, and Founder of IF:Gathering, Jennie Allen, inspires teen girls to throw off everything that holds them back and be energized by God's dreams for them. Connecting Scriptures from the New Testament with everyday life, Jennie talks about the big and small ways they can use their unique gifts, spend time with God, and have fun giving His love away. Each session features real-life stories of girls who have struggled to overcome obstacles and find meaning in their lives, but are beginning to see God's vision unfold. 


Control Series: Boys Small Group

This 4-part youth series gets it all out into the open. We’ll look at biblical teaching on the nature of authority—where did it come from and why should we pay attention? We’ll dig into the messy way that authority muscles into the lives of youth: God, parents, teachers, the government, and in their own roles as leaders. Not all authority is good—and we’ll paint a picture of what it looks like to resist authority in a godly way. In the end we’ll see that authority under God is a good thing. We find our most fulfilling life when we live in obedience to God, because He said so.


Robbyn Holmes: Associate Pastor

Robbyn joined the Staff at Beth El as the Youth Pastor in 2017 after serving as an intern and volunteer leader since 2013. Currently he serves as Associate Pastor. He has a passion to teach and mentor students, engage them in opportunities to put their faith into action, and be involved in organizations that impact our city for Jesus.