Study Resources

The following Bible study resources are based on our Sunday messages, and are made available for you to go a little deeper into the Scriptures. These studies are based on the WISDOM Process, and are designed to help you understand the issue, investigate the Scriptures, and be transformed by God's Word.

  • The wisdom process

    The six-step WISDOM Process offers a surprisingly simple and profoundly powerful way to think. You will find that you can use The WISDOM Process© not only in this Bible study but also for issues you face in ordinary life. For more information please email or call 888-422-2896.

  • The Bible defines One-Another very clearly. These are the actions God calls us to express toward each other as a reflection of our faith in Christ.

  • The Pathway is an overview of the Jesus Discipleship model to build leadership in the church body. Using methods to engage the head, heart, and hands in an effort to build new Christians' into the foundation of the church, then training them to become disciples.